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What Does Victortheinspiration Represent?

Straight from the Heart

This was me 2 weeks before receiving my high school diploma

My high school graduation news media coverage

I don't want to come across or viewed as (the only inspiration) because that is not my intention. So many of us are inspiring to our neighbors, friends, and family by the way we handle ourselves despite everything we face and go through in our waking life. I hope my brand will create a new chapter of inspiring individuals.. such as yourself.  

You too, are inspiring to others. Some will tell you, some will show you, and others will spectate you. 

“This logo is much more than just something I designed. It is a reminder to grow through what you go through.”

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"Never give up hope as miracles happen all the time." 

Momma Bear

“You only get to where you are when you appreciate where you came from.”

Big Bro

"I just know whatever happens in life, life will carry on.”


"Victortheinspiration is an amazing person who sees so much good in the world. His positivity and light is radiant and contagious to those around him, you love him."


"I'm proud of you bro despite everything you been through with your disability you have found ways to overcome your disability."


"Victor is genuine and true individual with the heart and soul larger than the sun. I truly appreciate his young wisdom and cannot wait to see his growth here on earth and spiritually."


My goal is simply to help other's get through the places, experiences, and darkness I had personally gone through.

"It is one thing to know the path, but it is another to have gone through it."