What is something you’re grateful for today?..

For me:

I AM grateful to be who I am today, to be where I am today.. mentally, physically (even if my SMA has been testing me these past few weeks), spiritually.. building and having the relationship I have with Jesus, the divine, the universe, the most high god.. Everything.

I AM grateful for all of my great times, new experiences, opportunities, and everything in between that it took and played their own individual parts into me becoming who I am.

I AM grateful for all of my hard times, challenges, life tests, cries, failures, blunders, health scares.. Everything.

I AM grateful for everything. Simply because everything needed to happen, the way it happened, and how it happened. In order for it to help transform me and strengthen me, in some way or another.

I AM grateful for my family & friends for always thinking about me, praying for me, checking up on me, and helping me with anything and everything they know I may need or what they can do to help make my life better for me.

I AM genuinely grateful for everything! My highs, my lows. My strengths, my weaknesses. My blunders, my wisdom. My family, my friends. EVERYTHING.

I didn’t even know I typed this much LOL. Anyways, I can write forever. So from me to you I hope you have a happy thanksgiving if you celebrate! And remember that today isn’t so much about the AMAZING food, but it is about being with those we love.

Also, say a little prayer today for those who are unable to celebrate this day with much joy because some couldn’t be there with their loved ones today, to those who lost a loved one this year due to COVID, old age, and to the beautiful souls that were taken way too soon. 

“Don’t just be grateful today, but be grateful everyday.” Gratitude changed my life.. trust me it will change yours.

Much love!


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