My take aways inspired by me from my story, 2020

Back in January, 2020 I was placed on 5150. I made a YouTube video here talking about it.  

At the time of that recording I was very distraught, tormented, and very confused with a lot of things happening going on with my life. I was also very emotional and wasn’t thinking clearly. I wanted to keep this video up because 1. it is a part of my story while I was lost and confused with life 2. it is now a part of my history (meaning my past) because I have and am growing, learning, finding peace in my pain, and many other things I now see differently/ have found answers to. Moving on was hard, very hard because of what I did, and had put my mother and family through, but I learned that I can choose to give up and accept defeat or persevere and be victorious.

My take aways inspired by me with my story, 2020.

Where I lost myself, I then had found myself.

Where I was hurting within, I then found healing.

Where I let go, I then seen things fall into place.

Where I seen confusion, I now see understanding.

Where I seen darkness, I then noticed I am the light.

Where I felt caged, I then found my locksmith.

Where I was in madness, I then found love.

Where I felt weak, I then had found my strength.

Where I wasn’t myself, I then had been rescued. 

Where I gave up, I then tried one more time.

Where I was tormented, I then found peace.

This here is my story.. and I wanted to share it with you because I don't know what is your story. Whatever story you have and whatever chapter you are in I wanted to share a little part of mine to show you that there is hope in adversity, there is healing in the pain, there is far more strength that you don't even know about when you don't give up, there is light in the midst of darkness.. often times we just have to look within. 

If you're feeling mentally exhausted, try to make a little more time for yourself and take care of your mental health. Be kind to yourself, calm your thoughts, close your eyes and breathe..

If you want to give up, try one more time and if you try and you still want to give up, try one more time again and entertain the thought of "try one more time" because when you started you were wondering what it feels like to be where you are now when you first began and when you started you were desperate to be where you are right now. 

If you're feeling like you aren’t growing, stop and just think about where you were a year ago. Now be proud of how far you have come and keep going. 

Keep going, keep trying, keep pushing through, and grow through what you go through. 

My take away quotes written and inspired by me from my story are:

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”

“Life will bring you the same tests over and over again until you pass it.”

“In life there will be people, life tests, health challenges and much more that will always try to knock you down. If it doesn’t knock you down the wind against you will just push you back further and further more. No matter how strong the wind is going against you and no matter how many times you will get hit in such a way it’ll make you feel weak. During all of those troubled times and hard obstacles you must keep going. If you feel like you’re stuck, lost in the fog, being poured on with rain, feeling drained and tired because there just is too many clouds over you. That is when you MUST keep going. You’re the vehicle to your own destiny and god is your fuel.”

“Forgive yourself for the things you didn’t know for you know now.”

“You don’t need a new place for a fresh start. It’s mindset.”

“Pain will either break you or create you.”

"Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything will be okay.”

"If you can't find the light, be the light."



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