Inspired by a Twitter Tweet

Twitter Tweet: “One day, all your dreams will come true. Much sooner than you think. Are you ready?”

Something I’ll share with you is I pray saying: “Heavenly father, if I am not ready please don’t give it to me. When you know I am ready I know you will show me new auspicious beginnings.”

I wanted to share this because oftentimes we can feel like we are not ready for something that we know may be approaching. There will be times you will do your part putting in the effort, the work, and the time within the process before ever attaining the goal/ reaching our desired destination. 

For me I simply understand that we (meaning you and I) are right where we are meant to be. Whether we are in the midst of a good, bad, or even an ugly experience. No matter the situation or the context of the situation I know that there is something good, something positive, something within my benefit that will help me one way or another. 

Look at it like this. It is our past the good, the bad, and the ugly that ultimately shapes us into who we are. The past sure may be painful, sure may be tormenting, sure may be regretting, and so many other things. However, I have learned that again it is our past that again shapes us into who we are. If anything were to be different from our past we have to understand that then our present would also be different.

Meaning: We can’t change our past, however we sure can learn from it. It is when you apply the lessons, the wisdom, and what you have newly been taught into your present, is how you will start to create a better tomorrow, which ultimately brings about change within the future. 

“It is our past that shapes us into who we are, It is our present that creates our future, and it is our future that creates the past.” ~Victortheinspiration

Remember: If you were to go back in time changing the past. You would also erase all of your wisdom in the present. 

Grow through what you go through. 

Much love,