Delay Gratification

Something I recently did was fast for 48 hours.

I have been wanting to improve my spirituality a little and fasting I heard was one way. I started to fast 3 weeks ago only doing it on Sundays. I began by only drinking nothing, but water and I ate nothing but cantaloupe or honeydew. I did this for two weeks successfully. On my third week I failed. There was a reason to it, but no excuses. I didn’t see it too much as a fail since I decided to simply replace my third Sunday for another day of the week. I literally decided one day to the next “I am going to fast on Wednesday.”

After I had originally started fasting, I came to the understanding that I was technically only doing a parcel fast since I was intaking something. I later found that real fasting is when you only drink water and intake nothing but only water. I did this having intentions to only do it for 24 hours, but I then later realized I actually did it for 48 hours. My last meal was Monday around 5:00pm. Tuesday, I attempted to drink water and only water. Now on Wednesday I had to take care of a professional errand and after I then had some sushi with hot tea around 5:00pm.

While I was reflecting off of my experience, I realized I actually fasted for 48 hours since Monday was my last meal. I must confess something-I did eat a protein bar that Wednesday morning. So, technically speaking I fasted for a little less than 48 hours because I ate a protein bar that Wednesday morning, but I ate my next meal on Wednesday around 5:00pm.

This is what I learned from this whole experience (so far):

When you attempt to do so you are strengthening your discipline because your mind will tell you to eat something. While your spirit will tell you to remain disciplined and stick to your goal.

In the beginning it wasn’t hard because I was also distracted by keeping myself busy. When I wasn’t busy working on my computer my mind would tell me “one bite of X won’t hurt.” However, my spirit would tell me “no, you got this-stay focused” and would immediately help me remain focused and disciplined with the intention to help me succeed sticking to my word, goal, and commitment to oneself. 

This is something I personally wanted to try. If you can take anything from this remember: "Delay gratification." Stay focused... YOU GOT THIS!

I love you, I appreciate you, and remember grow through what you go through.

Much love,


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