Closing out 2022.. Hello to 2023!

I learned a lot just within 2022. A lot of trial & errors professionally, a lot of blunders personally, a lot of life showing me new teachings to my old ways, a lot of faith showing me everything will be okay, a lot of silent battles I managed to conquer privately, a lot of moments I questioned life having answers shown within time, a whole lot of everything experiencing different forms of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I learned a lot this year of 2022. "Be thankful for your hard times for it showed you your strength and be grateful for the good times for it showed you what's possible."

I learned that through trial & error you have to do your diligence, reflect off of and from your experience, and continue to learn more as you go. "Work backwards learning through reflection. The only way forward is breaking through your past cycled experiences." 

I learned that it is our mistakes that ultimately has the ability to shape us into who we are and who we become, however if we reflect from who we no longer choose to be and put in the effort to work towards who we wish to become. "Reflecting on old habits & negative patterns will only change if you commit yourself fully to improve oneself. Start by improving one thing at a time no matter how small it may seem. Progress is progress no matter how slow."

I learned that life is quite interesting. It can often look and feel scary and very uncertain, but I also learned that if we can develop the ability to persevere through life’s struggles, challenges, and setbacks we can find something positive, something good, something we can take away from those experiences that holds the potential to enlighten us with some form of wisdom/ teaching/ life lesson, and or has the potential to align us on a path we wouldn’t have heeded towards otherwise. “You may not understand it now, but one day you will.” 

I learned that no matter what it is you may be going through if you continue to keep your faith through life’s uncertainty you will find in the end that everything works out, however you must do your part in putting in the necessary effort that will ultimately bring about positive change. "Everything is temporary. The bad days build our character and the good days shows us why to never give up. Trust that this too shall pass."

I learned that in life regardless of how I may feel is to spend 99% of my time on the positives within life. And for me I am spiritual, so I call my positives blessings. I spend 99% of my attention and a large majority focused on the positives and the other 1% on the contrary. Here is what I learned about this. In life there are always going to be so many reasons that can oftentimes be and feel like confirmations that nothing can or ever will get better. I found that by having a constant state (a large majority) of having gratitude I 1. Am feeding my mind reasons why I am blessed, thankful, and appreciative for what I do have vs what I have not and 2. Everyday there is always going to be something going on and happening in our life and in life in general and if we can’t find reasons to become grateful for again what we do have. We slowly fall into this mindset that nothing will or can ever get better because life is showing and giving us so many different reasons losing hope that tomorrow will only become worse, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. "Stay positive. No matter how life may look for you right now don't ever let life bring you to a mental state of losing one's optimism.” “Practice not to let life distract you from the blessings you do have. Blessings are everywhere just like problems." The simplest things are oftentimes our biggest blessings! The ability to read this, is a blessing because not everyone has sight. The ability to comprehend, is a blessing because not everyone has the ability to think. The ability to have access to the internet where you can view this, is a blessing because not everyone has the financial opportunity to afford a device to access the internet. The ability to ear, feel, see, touch, move, walk, run, sit, speak, are just a few. The ability to not be in the hospital, or even if you are in the hospital the ability to not be in the ICU, and if you are in ICU in the hospital the ability to still have a fighting chance is another blessing. 

What helped me develop the mindset that I have when it comes to having gratitude? For every problem you come across or anything that may not look or be positive/ good. Find 3 positives you do have. In the beginning it isn’t easy, but through practice continue to remind yourself of 3 positives. You will develop a mindset overtime that eventually you won’t have to remember to find 3 positives because it’ll become naturally habitual to and for you.

Anyhow, I love you, I appreciate you, and remember: “Grow through what you go through.”

Much love, 


(I posted this on my social media and I wanted to share this here too because in the moment I was bummed, but for a short minute. The positives from that experience is 1. What I wrote here is way better than I had written previously 2. What I wrote here has so much more value to and for you and 3. While writing this I learned something new about myself.)

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