How am I feeling after my recent Spinraza injection?

I posted about my injection yesterday on my Instagram page (Victortheinspiration) and I talked about how good I have been feeling with my physical strength. I didn’t mention this because I really thought nothing of it.

I received my Spinraza injection last week on the 5th. Everything went great and as planned. As the following days progressed-right where they poke me to do the injection I have been feeling really sore. My normalcy of discomfort is everyday back pain because of my back surgeries and also leg pain from sitting all day to an extent. My normal and something I always expect after every injection is a headache to sometimes a migraine being a side effect. These side effects usually fades within a few days after the injection-to maybe a week. Throughout the year too I’ll get headaches, but that is simply because of life events, but it is manageable and endurable.

I am not bruised or have any discolor on or around my skin, which is a good thing and sign. How I feel is just really sore. So, I received my Spinraza injection on December 5th, 2023. I woke up and went on the day with a headache (my normalcy). The following day I felt okay, but nothing too out of the ordinary. These past 4 days I felt sore, and it was tolerable. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. As these days have progressed this soreness now is starting to capture my attention. Today I woke up feeling really sore (again no discoloration). This pain has been so intense it woke me up from a deep sleep. With the bed that I have I am fortunate enough where I can recline my head and feet up and down. I was lying flat and tried to sit up-pain was intense. I laid back down and tried just putting up my feet-pain was intense. I was able to lay on my side, which helped a lot, but the pain was still there just not as bad.

Right now, I am in unfamiliarized territory, so I am taking it day by day. I have thought about going to see my doctor, but I don’t think that is needed for right now. I will give it two more days and see if the pain subsides. If it doesn’t then I will go and get it looked at. I have felt much worse pain than this, so I have a high pain tolerance. Right now, it is endurable, which is why I want to see how I wake up feeling tomorrow and Tuesday. If the pain is the same or getting worse, then I will go get it checked out requesting for an X-Ray or potentially even an MRI.

Because of this I have slowed down significantly with my work on my projects. The work still is getting done just slower than I wish. The only project I am behind on (not entirely, but close) is my Vicspiration Shared Philosophy YouTube channel project. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is to me because I always aim to provide value regardless of how I am personally feeling.

The purpose of this blog post is 1. Personal self-documentation and 2. It is very rare for me to actually talk about my pain and personal discomfort.

The value you could take away from this is in life there are going to be many moments where you’re not going to be feeling and operating at your 100%. It is important that on those days you turn your worries into faith that “everything will be okay.” Why am I experiencing this at a time right now-I don’t know, but I do know that God has a plan and is maybe trying to tell me to slow it down. So, from me to you: Everything will be okay. Keep the faith. And if your season is endurable then endure it.

For similar reasons alone this is why I create and schedule my content for moments like this. Expect the unexpected and you will be fine.

Much love,


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