How I Improved My Immune System

I used to live nearly six months in the hospital having pneumonia and collapsed lungs. Sometimes, I would be there for weeks at a time. The above picture is a picture of me in the ICU two weeks before receiving my high school diploma in 2017.

While I was in the ICU a respiratory therapist had come across my circumstances while I was their patient and had gone out of their way to see how I could possibly attend my high school graduation. I went from feeling no sense of hope attending my high graduation due to the unforeseen circumstances to having hope starting to arise.

I was at Valley Children's Hospital and within a week things started to happen-good things. I went from having difficulty breathing having to go to the ER, to being admitted, to being moved to the ICU all in a span of 24-48 hours. To give you an idea on how I was feeling our oxygen stats maximizes at 100, and for me my normalcy is 98-100. During this time, I was stating below 60... sometimes would drop below having a team around me for any worse case scenario within seconds when my stats would drop. There is and was so much that happened behind the scenes, and I will write talking about it when I write a book. However, what I will say is Valley Children's Hospital became much more than just a hospital... it became my second home-a home where I was able to find comfort within a time of distress. You will find more details about my high school graduation here:

There are so many things that has changed since my last hospitalization having pneumonia and collapsed lungs over the years. A few respiratory benefits I have found is get rid of your carpet, control stress (since stress lowers your immune system), eat fruits regularly (especially pineapple & oranges that strengthen your immune system), daily deep breaths to keep your lungs expanded, and I recently started taking these immune booster shots (this isn’t an affiliate link). I started taking these two maybe three months ago, and for me, I think it has been helping me a lot, especially with my respiratory. 

These are some health benefits I wanted to personally share with you. How do you strengthen your immune system? Let me know by tagging “@Victortheinspiration” on instagram! 

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