Story time of my driving

It was around second grade when I first was able to take the “power wheelchair test” and understand how the controls work. I remember as if it was yesterday I was picked up and put into my first ever powerized wheelchair. I was so nervous for my first time I had my speed turned down super slow because I didn’t want to crash or run into anyone. 

My biggest test was how I would be around a lot of students since that’s what would be the biggest concern because I would be using this wheelchair to go around school. It was at another school I had taken my test so I knew no one. I drove this wheelchair a couple of times before they actually let me be around students and the bell had rung.. I was so scared because I didn’t want to hurt anyone I broke down crying and didn’t move. The kids came out from every direction I panicked!

After a couple of attempts of me being nervous and scared I finally did it and I then had passed to now being able to get my very own powerized wheelchair. My SMA started to make me weaker and more tired so that is when we knew I needed to go into a powerized chair. 

After that I was now being measured for my own power wheelchair.. boy was I sure excited! It was like me getting my first Cadillac, haha. Time goes by and BAM! She’s there just waiting to be driven. As anyone would do when getting their first ride I had taken her for a drive and man was she sure smooth. It was then my mom was up for a surprise because I had scraped up all of our house borderings and walls with my new wheelchair I had even managed to rip some borderings off of the wall. I drove, I ran over some toes, I may have did a little bit of remodeling of my own with my power wheelchair, but I sure have definitely gotten the experience to better handle my chair overtime. 

Fast forward to now I am currently 21 when writing this here on my blog and I went from scraping walls to fitting myself in some of the smallest spaces by just looking at the width of an area and know if I can or can’t fit, also knowing if I can fit but will scrape your door or whatever it might be that I may be trying to go into. 

I have a quote for you:
“To live is to learn and to learn we must live.” ~Victortheinspiration

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