Power Wheelchair Soccer

What is it?
We play this sport called “Power Soccer” that is a sport for people with disabilities that are handicap who don’t have the same mobility to play soccer outdoors.

What is the sport?
Power Soccer is wheelchair soccer, where we hit and play with not any ordinary regular soccer ball. It’s a big 13 inch soccer ball that we hit with our power wheelchairs. The wheelchairs have full metal all around the chairs therefore whoever is playing is well protected with a metal cage protecting them when hitting other players competing for the ball.

Where do we play?
We play all over in different places. We play in Fresno, San Jose, Hollister, Glendale, Berkeley etc.. and also internationally! (Central Valley Ghostriderz #27)

Gameplay video links of me and my team the 'Central Valley Ghostriderz' in action!




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