“Only you can choose to keep your foot on the gas and keep going or switch pedals and hit the brakes.”

Experiencing everything I have and continue to go through living with a disability I always had asked myself “Why am I here?.. what is my purpose?” For so long I would question my life because to me there just wasn’t anything I could do. I would look around and question “why am I here” and sometimes would cry myself to sleep wondering “why me” because I was tired of it all. Surgeries, going in and out of hospitals, being able to do something today and not being able to do it tomorrow, not being able to do what I wish I could do, I would feel like my prayers weren’t being answered or even listened to.

Life will test you, challenge you, and break you. When you’re in the dark trust me I know it will seem impossible that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.. believe me when I say this I have felt stuck feeling trapped and would tell myself nothing will ever get better. This is happening and now that is happening. You will feel like you’re driving with flat tires.. it will even seem like you’re driving on your bare rims. If you feel like your life is going to sh*t that is when YOU MUST KEEP GOING.

How do I find my purpose? Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this one question. “Who is a person that I wish I had?..” now start to become that person for other people. Your life purpose is to become that person’s miracle.

“Only you can choose to keep your foot on the gas and keep going or switch pedals and hit the brakes.” ~Victortheinspiration


If you’re reading this

this is your confirmation that not all storms can last forever. You MUST keep going. Your time to shine is coming. Believe in it.

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