Losing weight

“Couldn’t run physically so I managed to run away mentally from all of the unhealthy foods that kept me gaining weight putting my health at higher risk.”  

    I was really thin. My mom had taken me to see my pediatrician and asked my doctor what she can do to help me gain weight because I looked unhealthy.. my doctor had suggested that I start feeding myself fatty foods. I started to gain weight and once I started to eat I now didn’t want to stop even though I was full I would keep overeating. I had gained so much weight where I now couldn’t get picked up and now needed to be lifted using a hoyer lift. My older brother was overweight and was bullied in his high school years. After he graduated he signed up for a gym membership and started going to the gym working out every single day until he had hit his goal losing over 150+ pounds. He was very consistent and persistent with losing weight and had gained self control with not only switching his diet to better his health, but disciplined himself to stick to it even on holidays and family gatherings. 

    It was late at night and I wasn’t hungry. I was just bored and had asked my mom if she could give me our leftover Subway sandwich. I just finished my Eighth grade year and was now going to start high school being a Freshman. My brother experienced a rough time being overweight getting picked on and bullied. He came up to me and as I’m eating and chewing he leaned down over to my ear and just started talking. He told me what he had gone through and what it was like for him in high school. He told me a lot. At the end of him talking he had me and himself in tears being emotional. I can’t remember exactly everything he had told me but one thing I do remember clearly is he said “I don’t want you to go through what I went through.”

    That next day I asked him for advice on what I can do to lose weight. I couldn’t go to the gym so he had suggested I’d stop eating fatty foods. I asked him “like what?” And he suggested to stop eating bread, drinking soda because it has a lot of sugar and calories, no more burritos, potatoes and so on. I looked up to him (because I can’t stand so I literally had to look up to him. Hahaha I wanted to add a little bit of humor in here.) But no seriously I really did look up to him because he knows what it’s like being overweight and he lost it hitting his goal. I completely switched my diet. It wasn’t easy, it really wasn’t.

  I heard “I’ll start the diet with you so you’re not alone.. I want to lose weight too.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this and everyone stopped. I was alone dieting and it was hard because I don’t cook. I eat whatever is in the kitchen. The way I did it was if we were eating burritos I would just eat the inside of it excluding the tortilla. If we were having chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables I would just eat the chicken and vegetables. I gave up drinking soda and switched to only drinking water. If we went out to eat like a restaurant I would order iced tea with “no sugar.” At first it was hard and gross having iced tea with no sugar but I had to stay disciplined and consistent with my diet. I would have cheat days every once and a great while but those cheat days didn’t include me eating whatever I wanted.. NOPE! These cheat days meant I could eat fried chicken or fried fish. Healthy but not healthy because it was fried.

     I was in a size 42 I could’ve sworn I was in a size 44 but my mom and cousin (who was my caregiver says I was 42). My biggest goal was to fit in a size 34. That was my ultimate goal. I had set small goals that would eventually lead me to my ultimate goal. I was a size 42 in jeans and 2X in shirts. I had set a goal to get into a size 40 and in a Large in shirts. I then went to 38, 36, and eventually had hit my goal which was a 34 in jeans and fitted into a medium in shirts. I felt like I looked too thin so I now keep myself in a size 36 in jeans and wear a large in shirts. It took a lot of self discipline to change my diet and also to stop overeating when I was full. It took  persistence and consistency to hit my goal. It took about two years, but it was all worth it.

    I can’t weigh myself on a weighing scale so the way I know I’m gaining weight is when my jeans start to go from having room to becoming a little tight. I now eat whatever I want but once I start to feel my jeans feeling a little tight I’ll slow down and diet myself a little watching what I eat. “I didn’t work this hard just to gain it all back.”


Video of me talking about how I did it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub4plI_7jTI


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