I’ve thought about “what if I didn’t go through it” and my answer always is “I wouldn’t be who I am today”

“You’re going to see what you focus on. If you focus on all the things that are wrong in your life, or all of the things that could go wrong in your life, your life will be a non-stop parade of sh*t.” ~Tom Bilyeu

I used to focus on my problems. Like not being able to walk and go out for a drive, not being able to put in as much work hours as I’d like because of my disability making me tired with my hands, not being able to workout/ do something that is my stress reliever. And so much more..

Once I started to focus on my blessings rather than my problems. My life changed. It is still a work in progress but I am doing a lot better than who I was as a person yesterday.

Everything we go through in life good and bad gives us experience that lasts us a lifetime. I’ll give a simple example: If you were running with your eyes closed and hit a pole. You’d gain the experience to open your eyes for the next time you’re running. (Silly example but it paints a picture.) 


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