How Victortheinspiration was created

Victortheinspiration was a sign for me to create my very own personal brand. I always thought of creating having my own brand because a brand has much more of a meaning behind “just the branded logo.” 

While having the thought of having my own brand it stayed just a thought.. I never took action or ever tried to create something that never existed. 

When I first told myself “just do it and figure things out along the way” that’s when I started to get a better understanding of what really is a brand and how I would want my brand to stand out.

I personally didn’t want my first and last name to be my brand. So I started brainstorming of many names and three names actually stood out to me that I really had liked. One of them was “Victimism” which is Victor and Optimism put together, another was “Vicsivity” which is Victor and Positivity together. I was told I was an inspiration for how I carry myself and how I keep pushing despite everything I go through.. by many people. Victortheinspiration really stood out also for me. So I did a Instagram vote between the names and Victortheinspiration was the one that got the most votes. I first felt that Victortheinspiration was going to be misleading by me saying I am the only inspiration which isn’t nor wasn’t my intention. I personally still do think about the name I really do, but the message I have and am putting behind “Victortheinspiration” I feel is impactful, positively. 

It was sometime around August, 2019, I had changed my Instagram name from Victorthetwin to Victortheinspiration. I created the name and I now wasn’t thinking (imma say “bigger”) because I never thought about creating a website to make a bigger impact on people. 

It was January, 2020, I had lost myself with who I was and I had went through a really deep depression. A great friend of mine who I had met while being in the hospital for having an pneumonia and collapsed lungs had heard what I was going through and had given me a call. He asked how I was and we had a long conversation over the phone. During that call he had suggested I could create a website spreading 5150 awareness and talk about what I had went through and flip this around turning it from a negative experience into a positive experience by now being able to help someone else to overcome what it is they might be going through. I really took that conversation to heart so that night I was thinking about how I could create this website and what I would have in it. 

It was the next morning and I had went around the neighborhood for a stroll for about an hour or so. During this stroll I had told myself “think bigger” and I had came up with this idea to create and have it be a website where I talk about my life story and experiences, but not only just that.. I wanted my website to have the things I have went through, how I overcame my life’s obstacles and challenging moments, and many other things to help possibly be someone’s light in their darkest moments.

‪“Sometimes the only thing to do is to wait for it to become clear.” ~Victortheinspiration ‬

I have a Instagram live video with another friend of mine and I also talk about how Victortheinspiration was created.

Here is the link

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