“Control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you”

My best advice for when I used to be really stressed  having anxiety is: Focus on your thoughts when something is done or is being said. “What we think becomes our reality.” Control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you. I let my frustrations and anger build and build up for so many years because as I was getting older things I used to do.. was slowly being taken from me, things I wish I could do.. I couldn’t, life has always limited me because of my SMA and also with my low immune system, and the day I let my thoughts control me.. I had lost control of myself and was placed on 5150 almost getting sent out of state to a psychiatric facility. The reason why I am so open about my life experiences is because I don’t want you/ anyone to ever go through what I went through. To you reading this.. you matter.. you’re somebody.. you’re capable of great things.. and you’re much brighter than you think you are. DON’T GIVE UP!

Whatever it is you’re stressing or worrying about know this.. “nothing lasts forever not even storms.” Keep trying, keep pushing through it, your sunshine is near, stay hopeful. 


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