Which one are you?

I had came across this saying earlier that went like this: There are two mouses drowning in cream. One mouse panics and quits trying drowning and the other mouse kept fighting trying to swim, eventually turning that cream into butter crawling itself out. 

I want you to reread that and think about it for a second with what I just wrote/ with what you had just read.. 

In life we will always be tested with a challenge and obstacle that will push us causing us to barely catch a breathe. Life will challenge you so much that you even question if you could and or even if you will make it out. This is something I genuinely believe a lot of us can relate to in some way because everyone has a story. 

I don’t know you personally, but I don’t have to to tell you don’t quit trying. You, me, all of us have at least within some part of our lives has experienced something that made us come close to throwing in the towel. If you are thinking whether or not if your situation will ever change and or if things could ever possibly get better then take this as your sign for you not to give up. I had came up with this saying “you’re always one day away from tomorrow.” Don’t quit.. keep persevering.. have hope.. because one day everything that you are going through today will guide you to where you are supposed to be, and trust me you will thank yourself later for not giving up. 

So from me to you don’t quit because one day you will turn your cream into butter finding your way out. 

Much love,