How has my SMA been?

This year I told myself I am going to be more open about my life. How has my SMA been? Something I personally don’t ever talk about/ like to show is how’s my SMA. If you ask? I’ll simply say “it’s been good.. it hasn’t been too bad” while smile and change the subject. Lately I’ve been struggling quite a bit more than usual. I have been getting a little frustrated with my SMA and when I notice I am getting flustered I have to remind myself “breathe Vic.. have patience you’re going to be okay.” I have felt like this before, so this is why I give myself “everything’s going to be okay” self talk.

Will it though?.. will everything be okay with my SMA. I don’t know. Have I felt like this before and improved? Yes I have. It is knowing having that previous experience feeling like this that keeps me hopeful and somewhat at peace within my emotions when I give myself those positive self talks. When I feel like this I always say that I am being challenged with my patience. It is my challenges that inspire me and it is my challenges that teach me the most. 

Life is full of positives and negatives when I simplify it.

Positives are:

1. This is where I learn a lot about patience (which is important to learn)

2. This is where I see life in a whole other perspective because I have no other option, but to try and learn more about my challenges 

3. This is where my character gets built because I now understand more about the human mind 

Negatives are:

1. I can’t do much of what I used to do yesterday (which can get to you, if you let it)

2. Life gets harder (not just physically, but mentally) 

3. Thing’s that I am currently working on take much longer to finish/ work on (which delays your plan on where you think you could be) 

The lists goes on, but I listed 3 positives and negatives.

How does it feel when I say “I’m feeling fatigued?” The best way I can describe it in simple terminology is let’s just say you’re able to lift 10 plbs. Now strap a 5 plb weight to your arm and do whatever you did yesterday, today.. all day from the moment you wake up to the moment you lie down for bed. All you can do is have faith and hope that tomorrow you’ll be better. Right now I am hopeful simply because yes, I have felt like this before and I did improve having it only become temporary. 

“Everything is a matter of perspective.” I can either be upset at the life I’ve been given, or I can try to understand the life I’ve been given. I have found that I needed to find my peace and I think I did within. This is personally what I believe in, but I think that life tries to teach us/ tries to show us something that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Right now I believe (for me) I am being taught more about patience because after all it is patience that will always be something I’ll need for everything. I’ll need patience when it comes to not only my SMA, but I’ll need to be patient when it comes to the work I put in daily. I’ll need patience when it comes to life not going my way, but it’s way. I’ll need patience when I’m feeling sick. I’ll need to be patient when life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. I’m sure you understand just how important patience is for not just my life, but for life in general. 

I didn’t realize I had wrote this much. It is 1:00 in the morning and I want to read more of this book I am currently reading before I go mimis, haha. 

“You may not understand it now, but one day you will.” ~Victortheinspiration