What is something I practice to maintain a positive/ growth mindset

There are a lot of things that helped and helps me when it comes to me having a positive outlook towards the world. I can’t say I have found a secret key to how I have gone through so much overcoming many of life’s challenges..

How do I stay so positive?

Growing up I have always been challenged not so much just physically, but mentally. I am very fortunate to have the support system I have around me because everyone within my life truly has and do play a significant part as to who I am where I am. (I do plan on writing a book, eventually, so I won’t write too much here).

If you sit and observe life around you you will discover quite a lot that you are not the only one that is going through something. Sure I may face certain challenges than others, but you too do have your own obstacles as well.

Not having the ability to just get up and go as I please has taught me many of life’s traits. For example: Patience. It is through patience that I know that whatever it is I have going on today isn’t so much permanent. I reflect on my back surgeries a lot when it comes to me doubting life that nothing will or can ever get better. My back surgery healing journey didn’t take me days, or weeks, not even months.. it took years for me to triumph.

As I am writing this I realized I can actually cover quite a lot talking about this topic alone. I am going to shorten me talking so much about this topic because I have more ground I want to cover. I hope you understand..

I don’t want this to be so much about me. I want you to reflect on something that had happened to you. Something that might’ve been painful, scary, something that broke you, something that made you angry, frustrated. And I want you to not breakdown again, but I want you to reflect from that memory. Now I want you to see not so much of the bad things that had came because of that situation, but I also want you to take notice of all the good it had brought to you. Maybe you had doubted yourself and overcame it. Maybe you felt weak, but is now just realizing how f*****g strong you are! Whatever it is I want you to take notice of not so much of that experience, but I want you to remember that no matter how hard life gets for you that something good does lie ahead. You will gain something because of it. You may gain strength, you may gain a unique form of wisdom, you may gain patience, you may gain the mindset that not many people can have or will have, you may gain an opportunity that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. What I am trying to say is that you have gained something you wouldn’t have had. 

“Be thankful for your hard times for it showed you your strength and be grateful for the good times for it showed you what’s possible.” ~Victortheinspiration

What is it I do to having a growth mindset?

Again there are many things that helped and has helped me throughout my life. There is no secret key. Well at least not to my knowledge that is..

Life has simply just showed me a lot at an early age and with experiencing hard times you discover that you really can be and is resilient. I used the word “can be” because in order to know what lies ahead you have to push through what’s right in front of you.

Not everyday I wake up feeling 100% my best. I am human just like you.

But there are a few thing’s that I do everyday to help pick me up and keep me from putting my head down..

1. Music

Music has helped me so much! It can become meditating to some degree, well for me that is.

2. Reading

I had came up with this quote that went somewhere along the lines.. “we only know what we know from the things we’ve been taught. Expand your knowledge to grow for so much lies out there.” A book I highly recommend for you is “The Four Agreements.”

3. Praying & Meditating

Something that also helps me is praying. Anything that worries me or concerns me I simply pray about it to the divine. I also meditate trying to understand my thoughts to find a way through where I once seen a wall or nothing at all. This is simply what I do and it works for me.

I had also recently came across this and it can be enlightening. So I wanted to share it with you too..


"In life there will be people, life tests, health challenges and much more that will always try to knock you down. If it doesn't knock you down the wind against you will just push you back further and further more. No matter how strong the wind is going against you and no matter how many times you will get hit in such a way it'll make you feel weak. During all of those troubled times and hard obstacles you must keep going. If you feel like you're stuck, lost in the fog, being poured on with rain, feeling drained and tired because there just is too many clouds over you. That is when you MUST keep going. You're the vehicle to your own destiny and god is your fuel."

Much love,