Life is full of challenges regardless who you are.

The thing I discovered about life is there are problems and solutions. Problems are inevitable, so understanding that problems will always be present we have to find a way to overcome life’s set of challenges.

What helps me with my own daily personal living?

I haven’t always viewed life this way. Let’s just say life has showed me quite a lot at an early age and because of the things I had experienced and overcame I had nothing but time to sit on it and think. I discovered that life’s challenges could be viewed as problems or as opportunities. The moment you can view life as presenting us with opportunities rather than problems, is what leads us to unimaginable abundance (or blessings if you’re spiritual). Let me elaborate a little. When an opportunity presents itself to us what do we do? You try your best with what you know to attain it, right? When you try your best with what you know this is what makes up all the difference.

Let’s say life presented you to learn how to ride a bike. You fall maybe you scrape your knee a little. Okay, what is the problem in this scenario? You got hurt, right? Now it is up to us whether we viewed life (in this context) as a problem or as an opportunity for us. How? The other point of view/ perspective could be presented as an opportunity for us rather than so much viewed as a problem. Because if you viewed this scenario as an opportunity for you and you start to practice more and more you then start to learn and understand a bit more of maybe learning the importance of having balance, maybe you now learned the importance of having focus, maybe you learned something mentally such as the understanding of having grit, or maybe you falling helped you understand something about yourself emotionally such as knowing that you can overcome anything if you set your mind to it. Whatever the case may be what you would usually see as a problem and would never try again, you would now see as an opportunity to grow.

To summarize everything what helps me with my own daily personal living? These words right here: “Grow through what you go through.”

Not all problems will be easy nor simple to overcome. Knowing this you will find the strength to endure.