Inspired by Steve Harvey’s recent Tweet

It is on the days when times become more rocky I express my gratitude so much more.

Why? You may wonder..

Because it instantly puts my attention on all of the blessings I do have. Rather letting go of my emotions and my attention going down that down hill spiral.

By having gratitude being appreciative for what we actually do have is so important! Especially when times get tough for you..

I was experiencing something with my wheelchair and with my SMA (my disability) that was effecting me negatively. My wheelchair was physically and my SMA was effecting me mentally. I was getting agitated to say the least because well deep down I knew I wouldn’t have had to go through what I was going through if it weren’t simply for me being in a wheelchair having my disability. It was in this moment I knew I had to express my gratitude for what I do have and turn my attention away from what I didn’t. I had to tell myself to focus on the positives life’s given me and do my best with the things I can control letting go of anything and everything that I cannot.

Can I control how I was feeling with my SMA? No. But I can control how I respond and react to it.

“Where attention goes energy flows.”

I could’ve been upset at what I was going through and it probably would be looked at as understandable. But why? Why get upset. Why be upset over something that 1. I absolutely have no control over and 2. Get upset over something that literally becomes wasted time and energy. Oh and not to mention that regardless of how I may feel the outcome will still be the same. Meaning whether or not I become agitated, upset, angry, or whatever negative emotions. The outcome will still be the same (in this context). So I instead try and I use the word try because in order to do something you must first “try” to do it before you actually start doing it. Anyhow, I rather think positively and be optimistic. If I think pessimistically, guess what? The outcome will still be the same. And if I choose to think optimistically, guess what? The outcome will still be the same.

Listen.. well look. There is a today and there is a tomorrow. When you went to sleep last night and woke up today (whether or not you’re consciously aware of it) the day has it’s plan for you. Regardless of how you think, life goes on. But it is in our actions today that has the potential to turn our tomorrow into something.

I wrote quite a lot and I tried keeping it short. So if you could remember absolutely anything from this I want you to remember this quote below. Feel free to write it down too and or screenshot it.

“When you can’t control what is happening, control the way you respond to what is happening.” ~Victortheinspiration

Much love,


This post was inspired by Steve Harvey’s Tweet: “Stay positive no matter the outlook.“