I want to see you get through life’s adversity

“The goal is simply to help those get through the places, darkness, and experiences that I have not just been through, but gone through.”

I can’t ever wholeheartedly tell you “I know how you feel” because I don’t. Your story is not mine. Your story is simply that.. your story.

However, there are a lot of thing’s that I know I can understand while you’re going through your own life journey.

If you’re feeling broken I can understand how you feel.

If you’re feeling depressed I can understand how you feel.

If you’re feeling anxious I can understand how you feel.

If you’ve ever questioned your existence I can understand how you feel.

If you’re physically tired from running a marathon, well that I can’t even come close to understand how you feel! Haha.

If you feel trapped, stuck, hopeless, weak (both mentally and physically), lost, emotionally tired, and agitated with life. I UNDERSTAND. You’re not alone.

If you feel trapped:

  • Ask yourself questions WHY you feel the way that you do.
  • Try to calm your emotions while asking yourself these questions and start to get honest with yourself.
  • Understand that where you are is genuinely a place that will give you the greatest advantage because it is in these times you build your character discovering more of who you are.

If you feel stuck:

  • We oftentimes feel stuck, but why? “What is it that I am NOT doing is a question we should ask ourselves often?”
  • Seek the purpose in life’s happenings TRY to understand why you feel stuck ask yourself those questions that you are afraid to ask yourself BE REAL with you FOR YOU.
  • Learn more to grow. Know that you simply only know what you know from the thing’s you’ve been taught. Seek guidance from those who not only are familiar with your path, but who have gone THROUGH IT.

If you feel hopeless:

  • Know that this too shall pass.
  • Remember how much you have got through and even in those times you questioned “I don’t know if I can get through this” while sobbing being covered in tears.
  • Find PEACE in knowing that EVERYTHING is temporary. Anything you experience today won’t last forever. It might last a long time trying to break you, but if you keep holding on and you keep pushing through life’s adversity.. YOU WILL eventually find yourself in a place you had once thought to be impossible.

If you feel weak:

  • The fact that you’re still here despite all the thing’s you have been through. Should prove to you how strong you actually are.
  • See this as your reassurance that you are NOT weak. You are genuinely stronger than you’d ever possibly imagine.
  • Know that where you are today isn’t where you’ll always be. YOU GOT THIS!

If you feel lost:

  • Know that you are not alone. Find someone who again is NOT familiar with your path, but find someone who has gone THROUGH it (Breakout of that negative self talk that you have no one.) There are so many people who genuinely want to help you. There are positive social influencers on Instagram & Twitter, How To Guides on YouTube, Books of other peoples stories on how they broke through in the places you are in etc.
  • Understand that you are never alone! Someone deeply loves you and cares for you.. one day you will see.
  • For me: I pray (from my own experience this is what helps and works) I was lost and broken and I can’t find the right words, but because of Jesus I went from feeling lost and broken to being found and saved. One day I do plan to write a book, but until then… maybe praying will help guide you too.

If you feel emotionally tired:

  • You’re tired from everything you have ever been through?.. I understand. You feel like all your life you ever did and do is fight! You feel like everyday is an endless cycle of how much strength you’ll need to just get through the day. You’re emotionally tired from trying anymore asking yourself this question “WHY… Why… Why!??” Know that it is okay to cry… let it out… it doesn’t mean you’re weak it makes you human.
  • “I don’t know if I can do this anymore!” Is a question I had said out loud while crying wondering if I would ever actually see another light of day. All my life I have felt like a burden because I could understand what it took and takes for someone else to simply take care of someone all while trying to take care of themselves too. Life has showed me a lot at an early age, but that is only because life has been trying to show me more of simply just that, life. Why am I telling you this? It is because I need you to know that HOPE lies ahead for you too. Little me didn’t see a way, he didn’t even believe he would get through that moment in time, but he did. So from me to you “everything will be okay.” Continue to hold on, never quit trying, and most importantly don’t ever give up on the person you’re becoming.
  • Try to understand your emotions discovering more about them. Our emotions are like water (through my own perspective). Are our currents rough and rocky? Why. I have discovered so far that our emotions can be controlled, but only through understanding. It is we that determines the tides within, no one else.

If you feel agitated:

  • Be curious when it comes to yourself. You’re the only person who can tell you about you. You’re upset about… WHY? You’re flustered because… WHY? “It is in questions that open up our minds.” Think about it.
  • Whenever I feel agitation and or start to sigh with fluster I have to 1. Remind myself to understand the moment.. my emotions.. my thoughts.. and 2. Give myself little positive self talks “Keep your head up Vic. Everything will be okay. You got this man!” Is something I’ll tell myself within my thoughts. Little positive self talks genuinely go such a far way because we oftentimes get so caught up in that moment of time that we overlook “everything will be okay.”
  • How to know “everything will be okay?” I discovered that the only thing separating us from what we go through today and making it to another tomorrow, is simply what we choose to do today. Meaning if you choose to hold on, if you choose to continue trying, and if YOU DON’T GIVE UP.. then everything will be okay. “It may be painful and tormenting in the process, but it is what we experience and go through today that will shape us into who we become tomorrow.”

I am still learning how to become more open, how to communicate/write much better, and help you get through the places I have gone through. I believe in you, which is why I try to share my journey because I want to see you get through life’s adversity! My hope is simply to help someone, so they too can also help someone. “We must all try to be there for one another for we only have each other.”

Much love,