When I say DON’T GIVE UP it is only because the old me would’ve never got to experience the me today..

I would’ve never known how much thing’s could’ve changed overtime if I had stopped trying..

I would’ve never got to know the meaning of a good day if it wasn’t for me experiencing a bad one..

I would’ve never got to understand the power of a light in someone if it wasn’t for my family choosing not to give up on me..

I would’ve never understood the power of not giving up if it wasn’t for me understanding now how much I would have missed if I had simply chose to give up then for the person I am and could have been today..

I would’ve missed so much if I had given up and the old me didn’t understand those rocky times, but he does now.

Listen, I don’t know your story, but I do know the gift that comes from other peoples stories. The old me would’ve missed out on so much if I had quit trying.. so so much. I still go through thing’s privately we all are trying to breakthrough/keep pushing through something really.

The future you is waiting for you. There is so much you still have not yet got to experience! There are so many wonderful, great, blissful, serene, happy and beautiful times within your life that you still have not yet got to see.

Let me tell you this truth about you. You have been through so much sh*t within your life and guess what! You still made it! You’re still here! And with all that sh*t you experienced what happened!? You picked yourself up, you held on, and you continued to push through life’s adversity. As much as it may feel that your entire life has been sh*t. You too have also got to experience some good times. Think about all those wonderful memories you have today because you hadn’t give up then. It’s not easy. What is really, right?.. there is so much you still have not yet got to experience. A LOT!

Understand this: If you choose to give up now the guarantee is you’ll never get to see what could’ve happened. YOU’RE NOT WEAK! You’re so much stronger than you think.

Whatever it is you’re going through right now know that this too shall pass. Everything is temporary.. everything will be okay.

A quote for you:

“You may not understand it now, but one day you will.” ~Victortheinspiration

Much love,