Have I ever broken a bone before?

I had came across a Twitter post asking this question and it made me reflect back into my childhood memories..

Being in a wheelchair I somehow still managed to live quite a ordinary life. A lot of the credit goes to my family really.

I remember this time back in pre-school I believe it was. I was pushing myself in my manual wheelchair staring at something. I can’t quite remember what I was staring at and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. Can you guess what happened? I had rolled myself into wood chips causing myself to flip forward face down getting a nose bleed! No bueno.

Another time I remember when I was little I’ll say somewhere around the age of 6 me and Felicia (my little twin sister) were on the bed watching tv. She says I fell, but I remember her kicking me off the bed. Anyhow, when I had fallen I think my arm had hit our Game Cube/game console. “Don’t tell mom!” We all have those “don’t tell mom” stories, haha. Our mom was at work, so our grandma was watching us.

I’ll come back to this in a second, but when I was little I of course couldn’t walk. So what I would do to get around is scoot my a** everywhere while sitting whenever I wasn’t in my wheelchair.

So after I had fell I can’t remember if we had told grandma or not, but I do remember just holding my left arm basically on my lap scooting to the living room when I heard mom come home from work. She picked me up from the floor and I started crying because when I got picked up what happens?.. my arm was no longer sitting/resting on my lap. *Mom takes me to the ER and I get a cast.

Now I know what you might be thinking! Victor, how did you push yourself with only one hand? I had Felicia carry me.. duh! Just kidding!..

I have learned that “If you are determined enough to do something you’ll manage finding a way.” 

This mindset comes with a story..

This mindset wasn’t built overnight..

This mindset is still a work in progress..

I want to leave a message for you: “Pause and remember: Every single event in your life, especially the difficult lessons, have made you smarter, stronger, and wiser than you were yesterday.” ~Jenni Young

Much love,