Have Gratitude

I like to start off my day acknowledging my blessings before my day tries to distract me pulling me away from the good I do have.

The thought that I am here and not in the hospital is a good day for me being above ground. “The smallest things are the biggest.”

I think life has just showed me quite a lot at such an early age that once you’re questioning at sometimes near such a horrific experience not knowing if you’ll wake up seeing another tomorrow. Really does show you what truly matters. Lying in the hospital being in the ICU and not being able to breathe on your own having an pneumonia and two collapsed lungs. Taught me and showed me just how amazing it is to simply be here. 

When you are sick nothing really crosses your mind other then hoping you will overcome your illness, your diagnosis.. hoping you can find the strength, the faith, the chance to make it to see another day. 

I recently had a conversation with my mom aka momma bear about hearing and being told I should get my wishes in order because how I was and doing wasn’t too good to say the least, while I was reflecting off of a past experience. I wanted to clarify while writing this that this was from a past experience and isn’t something as of recent.

Anyhow, this post wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for having hope, having faith, having someone or something so divine that miraculously had another plan for me. What plan that is?.. I don’t know 100% just yet, but I do feel strongly that my story, the reasoning why I am here, the purpose of me overcoming the odds is for a reason. 

In the midst of having going through the things I have I do know that because I have gone through the things I had and both the things I am. I have helped another by simply sharing what I learned, what helped me, and how I held on while in the midst of it all. Was it easy overcoming it, no, however worth it. 

“You may not understand it now, but one day you will.” ~Victortheinspiration 

Much love, 


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