• Quote 216

    “It is the good, the bad, and the ugly that shapes us into who we are. Grow through what you go through.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 215

    "Life is like a road. Some are smooth and some are rough, however if you keep moving forward you will eventually find yourself back to a smooth one...
  • Quote 214

    “The moment you learn the lesson is the moment you get assigned a new test. Where anything ends new beginnings begin.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 213

    “What you think you need, you don’t. Use what you have with what you can right now and what you will need will come.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 212

    “I may not be able to walk, but my spirit is limitless.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 211

    “It is our past that makes us who we are. Pain will either break you or create you.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 210

    “It may not be easy, but know you can do it.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 209

    “What lies on the other side of longevity turmoil cannot compare to the journey within itself.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 208

    “No matter the path, both aren’t permanent.” ~Victortheinspiration
  • Quote 207

    “Regardless of how life may look for you right now it is vital that you develop a mindset that “positive changes” lie ahead. Because they do.” ~Vic...
  • Quote 206

    “Everything that has ever happened within your life has shaped you one way or another into who you are.” ~Victortheinspiration 
  • Quote 205

    “Know that your tomorrow is always one day away from a new beginning.” ~Victortheinspiration