What makes your YouTube channel different?

Question: What makes your YouTube channel different?

Answer: I talk from personal life experiences.

Mental health is an everyday thing, which is why I am devoted to help others along their own life path.

I understand the complexities of our mental health, and as a result I do my very best to better understand my own thought processes, so I can in turn help you with your own.

Living with a progressive disability, especially as you get older you can fall into this mindset that life is working so much against you.. that there is no hope, or nothing will ever get better.

After having a severity of many different life experiences from experiencing immense physical pain having many back surgeries alone, to experiencing so much weight emotionally trying to hold yourself together, to mentally struggling hiding it all with a smile, to also spiritually questioning your faith and existence, can and will affect you mentally as you can imagine.

There was a time within my life where I was being challenged in all areas of life. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually I was being attacked. Physically because my disability had gotten worse. Emotionally because I was going through a lot both personally and professionally. Mentally because I was quite frankly just tired to say the least. And spiritually because when you go through a lot, time and time again, you start to question if there really is a God.

What I have personally learned is that I was looking at life the wrong way.

Do I enjoy having a progressive disability? Of course not, who would? But, I have learned to appreciate my life and everything in it because although yes, many people have it much better than I do, I also understand that there are many people who have it far worse than I do as well. “Blessings are everywhere just like problems.” ~Victortheinspiration

When you’re going through a lot it becomes difficult to manage and get ahold of our emotions. Most of us will experience a mental breakdown within our lifetime where we lose complete self control. Many of us, especially under high levels of stress become fatigued with our cognitive thinking. Our thoughts processes weaken, which as a result we will make poor life decisions. Once you for example start to feel irritable that is an indication that you’re feeling a particular way. When you become more self aware, especially with your emotions then you can better navigate through them. “When you can’t control what is happening. Control the way you respond to what is happening.” ~Victortheinspiration

When you’re going through an endless parade of turmoil you can reach a point in your life questioning your faith. Is there really a God? Because if there was then why am I going through dot dot dot. Why is God doing this to me? Spiritually speaking I have learned that it isn’t God that brings us pain. It is God who helps us through it. "When someone does something good, we thank God. When someone does something ill intended, we ask God, why? The difference between both characters is one's own understanding of what they may think is right & wrong." ~Victortheinspiration

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