She genuinely was God Sent

*House phone rings

*Us twins answer (because of caller ID)

“Hi Tia!” We’d answer. 

“Pack your bags! I am on my way.” She’d say.

*Hangs up phone and us twins rush into our room packing our bags to go stay over for the weekend with her and our cousin Tya.

Mom walks into the room..

Us twins all excited: “Tia Della called she told us to pack our bags!.. she is on her way!” 

This is the kind of relationship we had with our Tia (our Aunt). 

I remember vividly as if it were yesterday she would come pick us up, put my wheelchair in the back of her car, and us twins would stay the night with her and our cousin Tya. My Tia had a green thumb (meaning she loved her plants) and so she would wake up early in the morning go outside and water her plants in the backyard. I was an early bird too, so she would check on me to see when I’d wake up and then she would help get me ready. Me and her would be outside and I would hold her water hose helping her water her plants while my twin little sister and cousin Tya were still asleep. After we’re done watering the plants, my twin and cousin would wake up, we would then make breakfast having pancakes in the morning. 

This is a story of many I will forever cherish and hold close within. 

My Tia was in my eyes.. extraordinary.

She genuinely was God sent. 

“It takes someone special to not only help someone, but to help in a way that ultimately changes their life into something meaningful.” ~Victortheinspiration 

I love & miss you Tia.