A little update about me

“Within every experience you are being taught something.” ~Victortheinspiration 

For me I personally have to take a step back from the situation and ask myself “what is this situation trying to show me/tell me?..” 

Am I starting to worry about a situation? Maybe life is trying to show me how to have more faith in knowing “everything will be okay” to just give it time.

Right now as I am writing this my SMA (my disability) hasn’t been the greatest, and I was hoping I would be feeling doing better because I had just received another dose of my Spinraza injection (a medication that helps me with my muscle fatigueness) and I haven’t seen any progress like I normally do around this time. However, something I asked myself is “what is this situation trying to show me/tell me?..” Well, yes although I am feeling not the greatest with my strength struggling more than my norms when it comes to me brushing my teeth, feeding myself, picking up & holding my drinks, utilizing my phone etc. I had to take a step back and try to understand asking myself this question: Is my disability really getting worse? Now this question is a tough one for me. But I had to go beyond then what may be “obvious”, which is my disability could potentially be starting to decline, which wouldn’t be the first time. As I tried to understand this a little better I then ran into a potential other problem (I wouldn’t necessarily call it a problem, but more of an obstacle), which was/ is my respiratory has been a roller coaster these past few weeks. And like a lot of people whenever we are feeling under the weather we feel fatigued, right? 

My respiratory has been up and down these past few weeks causing me to wake up feeling my normal, to somewhat okay, to yesterday I was congested coughing so much my head started to hurt and I busted a vein vessel inside my throat causing me to cough up blood (from many personal past experiences I know that the blood isn’t concerning/ anything alarming) I was coughing a lot to say the least. It sounds worse than it is, but on the bright side today I did wake up feeling much better compared to yesterday because yesterday was no bueno! Situations like this I simply take my medications and do what I know I need to do that will help me rebuild my immune system and overall health/ well-being. 

Back to my question, what is this situation trying to show/tell me?..” For me it is to understand that how I may feel today with my disability isn’t necessarily so much of a bad thing. Again, I don’t know if it really is my disability that could be taking a slight decline, or if it is because of my respiratory that is also causing me to feel more fatigue, and or many other things such as I too also have been utilizing the internet more doing more (at least trying to), which too plays another role. This last one yes, I know does play a factor too, but it keeps me moving/mobile, which ultimately keeps me from doing “nothing” potentially making me even decline more simply because again I am doing not just nothing I am doing something keeping myself productive. My answer for this is: To never lose sight of my life’s gifts, my blessings. Because although it isn’t pleasant experiencing life’s obstacles, unique set of challenges, and or even some form of doubt about the future. We must never let go of the possibility that tomorrow could be and could get better.

I hope this brought some form of value to you, but enough about me. Out of everything I had recently wrote I want you to remember this for you yourself: “You may not understand it now, but one day you will.” ~Victortheinspiration 

Remember: “Within every experience you are being taught something.” Everything that happens holds something within our benefit. 

Much love, 


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