Little life update on why I stopped posting on social media..

Little life update on why I stopped posting on social media..

I wanted to mention this, especially for those who genuinely look forward to my content. 

A large majority of you know my Tia/ my Aunt had passed away recently. She was battling going through a lot with her health and was also a dialysis patient. She fought a long fight undergoing everything she was going through every single day from the year of 2021 to early February 2023.

I have the content ready for me to continue posting daily like my usual uploading 3 times a day. But I had decided to take a break from social media when it comes to me uploading content because for me personally I am going to post again saying a little something for my own personal remembrance of my Tia after we have the services. Having that said I personally want what I had shared on social media about my Tia (my aunt) to be together and not separated showing my post about my Tia, then quotes, then my Tia, and back to quotes when I get back to uploading content. The only thing I have been consistent with right now is my YouTube channel “Victortheinspiration.” 

My YouTube channel: Victortheinspiration - YouTube

I am genuinely well for everyone wondering. I had and have my own emotional moments in private we had a special bond, but I know she isn’t in pain anymore. And thank you to everyone who has reached out to me sending me their condolences. It means a lot.

I will share a little story about her and I. When I had undergone my first back surgery due to my severe sclerosis, she was there (along with my mother & family). When I had to undergo dozens of more back surgeries having to go under (meaning having anesthesia), she was there. She worked in the United States Air Force for nearly 40 years climbing her way up to becoming a Master Sergeant (not to mention too being a woman enlisting at a time when it wasn’t as it is today). I don’t know how she did it, but when she was aware of my next surgery she sometimes would have to tell me “I am sorry son, I can’t be there because I have to work at the base, but I promise you when you wake up I will be there.” And while my mother and I were waiting for the doctors and medical staff to come get me to take me into the operating room here comes a nurse.. “there is someone here asking if they could come see you?.. they are in a military uniform.” I would look to my mom with such excitement because she would surprise me by being there before I would go into the operating room. Out of all of my back surgery experiences (I had stopped counting after 38), She only had missed around 2, and only because the times she missed she couldn’t leave due to her having training. 

Fun fact: She gave me two years to lose weight (I used to be really overweight when I was younger before I had my back surgery) because she had a friend who was a F-16 pilot who was retiring and he wanted to get me inside the jet carrying me. Did I lose weight?.. I didn’t, but this is another example of how amazing she was to somehow get me such an opportunity.

I wanted to share this with you because she wasn’t just any ordinary Tia or person, she was in my eyes god sent. I just so happen to have been blessed enough having a Tia like her in my life. 

“Time is something we think we all have, which is true, but we miss the conception that it is limited." ~Victortheinspiration 

Much love,