Little life update:

I will be getting my next Spinraza injection (for my SMA) Monday. And I am soooo looking forward to it to say the least.

Unless you keep up with my YouTube videos very few know how I have been feeling with my SMA & overall health. I am remaining optimistic that this upcoming injection I will be able to see a positive turn around with my fatigueness. If I am correct this will be my 18th Spinraza injection. It sure has and is quite the journey and life blessing.

During times like these I simply practice having patience, especially when it comes to adapting to potential new ways when it comes to my own personal daily living. On the bright side too is I have felt similar to this before, so this keeps me somewhat hopeful in knowing that it is possible for me to improve and get better when it comes to my SMA and overall strength.

You can view my YouTube channel “Victortheinspiration” within your YouTube search. I talk about personal development, I document parts within my own life journey, and I also talk about mental health. 

I haven’t written anything in awhile, but before you go let me leave you with this: 

"Faith is something we must practice to endure the storms of life because it is while being in the midst of our troubled waters that isn't there to sink us, but rather help us discover something within ourselves." ~Victortheinspiration 

Much love,