Late night thoughts

One day I genuinely hope that the challenges today will one day become worth it. I know they will it sometimes just can become a bit harder to believe in something you can’t quite fully see. This is where faith must take place.  

“Everybody is going through something we speak nothing about.” ~Unknown

I hope that the faith I have and try to keep hold on will bring about positive life experiences to one day get that breathe of fresh air. Not just for me, but for and with those around me.

The purpose of this post is that 1. These are some thoughts I thought I’d personally share with you and 2. Take this as your personal reminder that everything is temporary.

This moment in time is temporary. Meaning: It is going to pass. Having a good time? Enjoy it fully because it is going to pass. Going through a hard time? Keep the faith and know that this too shall pass. 

In knowing everything is temporary and everything is a moment in time you can grow your faith that “everything will be okay.” 

From me to you: Keep the faith. Hold onto it. 

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
~PSALMS 46:10

Much love,