Inspired by a Tweet

“What is the most important thing you have learned in life?” ~Twitter Tweet

This is a great question!.. and a thinker.

There are many important things needed, but I would say my top 4 life keys are: Have Faith, Have Gratitude, Learn, Grow… And love is involved in all.

Faith: Love in knowing “everything will be okay” putting your trust in something beyond yourself. God, divine, universe etc.

Gratitude: Love for (in my eyes) gods creation. “Thank you for…” the ability to see, hear, touch, feel, think, comprehend, move (having mobility with your strength), eat etc. Appreciating where you are within your journey. Appreciating where you are going within your journey.

Learn: Love because in order to learn it has to come from something giving you the incentive to grow. Whether it be for yourself, your family, maybe even for humanity.

Grow: Love because in order for us to grow we must love ourselves enough to say “hey, I understand your circumstances. but this isn’t how your story ends.” Growth can have many moveable parts, but in order to grow we must love ourselves enough to create the possible change.

I hope this was able to bring some form of value to you whether it be big or small. 

Much love,


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