If something has worked for me I know it definitely can help others too.

I have been reflecting on a variety of different things this week and this is something I personally wanted to write about and share with you.

The content I primarily share is personal development and mental health related content. Occasionally I will share and talk about my life with SMA too.

I talk about personal development because I know the benefits of thriving.

I talk about mental health because I know the benefits of knowing you’re not alone.

And I occasionally talk about my SMA because I know the effects of documentation.

Before I talk about personal development let’s first understand what it is. “You cannot understand something fully if you do not understand the process of it as a whole.”

I talk about/ share content revolving around personal development because for me personally I know the importance it has for us. If I didn’t focus and work on my personal development I wouldn’t be where I am now. And where I was, I was lost, confused, angry, tired just to name a few emotions. Picture this: Just turned 21, had a mental health breakdown, was placed on 5150 (5150 is the number of the section of the Welfare and Institutions Code, which allows an adult who is experiencing a mental health crisis to be involuntarily detained for a 72- hour psychiatric hospitalization when evaluated to be a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled), was in the process of being sent out to a mental hospital having no one know where I would be going, to by some miracle (in my eyes) having someone whom was in the position to overrule reversing such decision. This experience has a lot of moving parts and one day I will talk about it when I decide to write my book. This process and experience as a whole was a journey within itself, especially the time that followed after. Reflecting back from those times it is quite extraordinary to be where I am now. I still have a far ways to go, but I also am faraway from where I was. This is why I have a lot of empathy with everyone because I know the depths, twists and turns, and how the pain within us can affect our choices and overall character of the person we portray. I have learned or as I like to say “discovered” because life is one big mystery that everyone has a story. But it goes much further than that. The story a person lives goes so deep that the story of another person has the effects of effecting our own life. The story we live is influenced by the story those around us also lived and it goes on and on. To develop the strength to pause, reflect, and take notice of what needs work you then create yourself the opportunity to breakthrough those experiences that continue to have such negative effects, consequences, and power. Focusing on personal development to say “hey, what can I do?” Is a huge game changer. Keyword “I” because personal development is always about you hints the word “personal.” To look for ways to improve yourself as a whole is huge. To take notice of what needs work now and discover new ways of thinking to help you move forward tomorrow whether that be big or small. Remember: “Progress is progress no matter slow.”

Now let’s talk about mental health. Again, in order to understand something, you first must ask the question, but the question that will get you to the right answer through diligence.

When it comes to mental health this is where I have to become more hyper aware and meticulous with what it is I share and with whom I may be sharing information to. Here is why: Mental health is very complex because you could be talking to someone who simply just needs to be heard and feel seen. Offering compassion and giving genuine interest to say “hey, how are you?” Really can go a very far way for someone. Or I could be talking with someone who is going through dark valleys. Those who are going through dark valleys this is where it becomes a bit more complex with the form of communication I will give. Here is why: From personal experiences I know what it is like to go through dark valleys. I know the thoughts, emotions, and thought processes that could and will arise. In knowing this I have more empathy because they are in a position that is questionable if they will make it out. I know what it takes, and it surely is nothing easy to overcome and get through. It is very complex because you have to listen to better understand where they are within their journey/ life. If they are really deep going through dark valleys, I have to become very mindful with the choice of words I choose because words can definitely be misled. When I talk about mental health, I share what has personally helped me and what I have learned. If something has worked for me, I know it definitely can help others too.

Occasionally I will share updates regarding my SMA so you can see how I personally am doing and also to document where I am at this point of my life. It is quite amazing how we live in an era where we can document our life for others to see.

I love you, I appreciate you, and remember grow through what you go through.

Much love,


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