How The Victor Visionary Was Born

Something I have personally always aspired is to get into the music industry. For me music has helped and helps me significantly when it comes to my own mental health. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to music. Can I operate without music? Of course, I can. "You should never depend on something too much in order for you to function because things do arise where you may not be able to have access to those things all the time, so again don’t become too dependent on just one thing."

So, taking notice of the benefits of what listening to music has done for me with my own mental health I took interest in how can I pay it forward doing the same for someone else providing value offering love, strength, and inspiration.

My grandma who I call “Mi Gram Grams” is 96 and her memory has been slipping away. My grandmother practically raised us (us meaning myself and my siblings) along with my mother.

For her age it is expected, but although some things may be expected it is still hard to experience and see. The first time I took notice of her memory slipping away I held in my emotions when I was with the family because again, she helped raised us along with my mom, so of course it hurts to see someone you love losing their connection with time.

Let me back track a little really quick. So, I again have personally always aspired to create music and experiment with its industry. When the year started (2023) I created goals/ projects I would love to start, and music was one of them. Now I have no experience, nor do I know anything on even where to start with music so what did I do? I took time out of my free time (after focusing on my current projects) I then started doing my diligence on how I can turn my idea into fruition. Over the months I spent time learning about this new area and July 1st I decided to turn that idea into fruition. “The Victor Visionary” was then born.

The big question! Did I write the lyrics myself? Yes and no because after working diligently I had an idea of what I wanted my song to be about and delegated the creation. I realized something I am quite good at is delegating. So, I had an idea and created the lyrics, contemplated on whether or not I was going to be the voice and give singing a try to those lyrics, but I decided not to… at least for now that is. And time for me personally is something I don’t take for granted, so again after working diligently I found someone who can create me a lyric music video. I want to mention too that yes, I do own 100% of everything. Interested to be partners with this empire? Write me a check for $1,000,000 (and pay the taxes for it) and let's discuss numbers. (I wrote this with humor, but God did say "ask and you shall receive") LOL!

My very first song has actually been done for a while now, but after seeing my grandma’s memory the way it has been I had a thought, meditated on that thought for a while, and decided to create a new song dedicating it to my grandmother for my very first song. 

There are a lot of goals/ aspirations/ plans of mine that I will do, but because of my SMA it takes nearly 10X longer than most to accomplish. Which is okay because you learn a lot more within the process.

I will end it here because I did type a lot and it is nearly 2:00AM as I am writing this, but I wanted to mention this. In 2018 I dropped out of college and entered entrepreneurship, 2019 I seen some success doing E-commerce but due to my SMA I had to shut it down, 2020 I went through a mental breakdown where me being here today in my eyes I would call a miracle and I started pursuing YouTube helping others with their mental health creating content, 2021 I worked on a new project that I personally will keep to myself for now, 2022 I worked on another new project (still am), and in 2023 since then I now have my own website (that I built and created myself), now four personal branded YouTube channels (still working on them), and I am working on a few other things behind the scenes. 

My message is simple: “Don’t just go through it. Grow through it.” It has been one hell of a journey (still is), but I learned to continue having faith, have gratitude counting my blessings, continue learning to improve oneself, and grow through self-reflection. Along with many other life teachings. I promise you things do get better, but you have to do your part too creating change/ new beginnings for yourself. 

"Those who put everything in God's hands will eventually see Gods hands in everything." ~Unknown

Much love,


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