It's been awhile

My first personal YouTube channel “Victortheinspiration” was originally created with the intent to become a YouTuber posting vlogs and pranks back in 2019. It was shorty after in early 2020 I had a spiritual vocation. I had gone through an ugly experience with my mental health that who knew given little time that a light would form in the midst of my dark. A light that 1. I am grateful to have seen and 2. A light that has not only changed my life in a profound way, but in a way that I knew I had to help not only myself, but to help others. My life that had felt so much turmoil now had purpose. The content I now post on this YouTube channel I document what it is like living with SMA (my disability), I talk about personal development (in hopes to help another get through what they may be in the midst of), and I also provide the wisdom and teachings sharing what I know about our mental health. “You may not understand it now, but one day you will.”

Victortheinspiration YouTube channel: Victortheinspiration - YouTube


My second personal YouTube channel “Vicspiration Shared Philosophy” was born with the intent to simply share two things. That is 1. Share the wisdom, philosophy, and words of encouragement that has personally helped me along my life journey and 2. Share such words that has helped me go from step one reaching step number two. I originally started this channel using myself and my time. Recording the content was fun in the very beginning, but overtime other things that I am now working on also requires my time. I had thought about delegating some of the work (with this project), but the vision I have with this channel (currently) requires for me to personally handpick what it is I personally believe in and or what form of philosophy has been beneficial helping me get through my past, which then overtime helped me make it to my today (meaning my present). I recently changed the style of my content on this channel because 1. It takes nearly 50% less of my time, which is important, especially when those days come and my disability isn’t doing the greatest with my mobility to say the least. And 2. Because I am experimenting to see what and how I can reach more people.

Vicspiration Shared Philosophy YouTube channel: Vicspiration Shared Philosophy - YouTube


My third personal YouTube channel “The Victor Motivation” was created to share daily and weekly motivation. The content I share on this channel is delegated (not quite 100%), but it is outsourced freeing up some of my time creating motivational YouTube videos. I delegated some of the work because “time is our greatest asset, so become mindful with where it is you’re allowing your attention and focus.” Another thing that has helped me is watching motivational YouTube videos. This was huge for me helping me get through a lot when again I was in an ugly place mentally. So The Victor Motivation was born.

The Victor Motivation YouTube channel: The Victor Motivation - YouTube

After reading everything I had openly shared with you. What do all three of these projects have in common? They all provide value, but not just any kind of value. I personally wanted/ want to provide value to and for you that has 1. Personally helped me along my journey and 2. Share the things that has helped/ helps me reach step 1, step 2, step 3, and so on and so fourth. “We should all help one another for we only have each other.” ~Victortheinspiration

Why? Reflecting back with what I had mentioned earlier I had said... “I had gone through an ugly experience with my mental health that who knew given little time that a light would form in the midst of my dark.” One day I will write a book talking about this dark mental health experience, but until then I will continue to share what I have learned through my life path (so far) here within my websites blog posts.

Albert Einstein had said it best: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

From me to you: You are a miracle.

Much love,