Are you really helping yourself or are you making yourself worse?

I was going to make a YouTube video, but I decided to write about it instead.

This whole week I have been feeling way more fatigued than my normalcy. I can’t fully say if it is because of my SMA because there are a variety of different factors I have to take into account.

I am recovering from having Covid since the beginning of this month, I have been working a lot more, I have been lifting weights, and a few other things I have to consider.

The way I have been feeling is more fatigued and it has only been one month since receiving my Spinraza injection, however I have felt much worse and this has me optimistic.

I had fallen ill having Covid starting August 31st and endured it having the first two weeks being no bueno (no good) to say the least. I am feeling and doing much better compared to how I was. Every time I get sick (just like a large majority) we feel and get fatigued. 

I also have been working a lot more and I know this is also playing a significant factor. There are pros and cons to this because well 1. The work/ effort isn’t going to do itself and 2. If I only worked/ put in effort when I am feeling and doing okay (physically) I realistically wouldn’t be making any progress. The pro here is: I am moving forward whether that be big or small, and the con here is: I know this is making me more fatigued (on top of everything else playing it’s own individual role). Because I was down for two weeks I wasn’t able to really do much. I was still putting in work daily, but very little because 1. I wasn’t doing too well and 2. I wasn’t mentally present because again I had Covid.

And because I also had Covid I wasn’t able to lift my weights. For those who have been keeping up with my content you know I have been consistent with lifting weights everyday for three months. That streak was broken… no bueno x two lol. Was I discouraged or upset I couldn’t keep my streak of lifting weights? No, things happen and in this context of a situation it simply was out of my control. So because I was down for those two weeks I started my streak again. Due to how I am currently feeling I had decided that instead of lifting weights everyday to now only do it three times a week. I made this decision because I know I am overworking myself (physically) and I think by doing this I will 1. Continue to build/ become stable with my physical strength and 2. I give my muscles a chance to recover to build while also increasing my odds of feeling less fatigued due to me not over working myself physically. In these two pictures you will see a screenshot of my results lifting weights. August 31st is when everything began and September 1st is when I got hit with that two punch combo! LOL. I like humor what can I say. 

Takeaways for you:

1. When you’re sick know it is okay to slow it down. “There is a difference between quitting and resting. With one you give yourself a fighting chance.”

2. Develop the discipline to put in the effort where work is needed. This goes for you with your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. “Your discipline today creates the opportunity for something new to begin tomorrow.”

3. “Self reflect from your situation and look for the things that you could improve on. There is something within our everyday life that needs improvement.” This too goes with our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By taking notice of what needs work (for you) you then allow yourself the opportunity to overcome what you currently may be experiencing. (In this context of my blog post this would be my SMA strength). Are you really helping yourself or are you making yourself worse? Is the question.

I love you, I appreciate you, and remember grow through what you go through.

Much love,


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