We Don’t Know our Blessings Until They’re Taken

It’s hard to control what goes on internally, when so much happens externally.

“I never appreciated the value of a breathe until I had an pneumonia and collapsed lungs.” Life has shown me many times how precious life is with all of my hospitalizations and life experiences. When you can’t breathe and you’re hooked up on oxygen with airflow in the ICU. It’s challenging to breathe, it’s difficult to not panic because you can’t breathe, and it is scary not knowing if you will make it to see another tomorrow.

“I never appreciated the feeling of a touch until my hand went completely numb.” I had a procedure done in the hospital lying on my arm wrong, being on my side and falling asleep pinching a nerve. When I had woken up from being sedated after my procedure. My entire right hand was numb and when I say numb, I mean I had no feeling whatsoever. I remember telling myself “give it some time. Don’t freak yourself out, you’ll regain your feeling back.” Minutes went by, no feeling. Hours had gone by, still no feeling. After my procedure being discharged, me and my mom had went out to eat. (December, 2019). We had ordered our food, we’re engaged in a conversation, our waitress comes with our plates, and I picked up my fork, and dropped it. This is when I lost it and had broke down crying because the hand I use everyday, my dominant hand, my good hand had no feeling and to me at the time a lot of things were already going on with me mentally. This didn’t help and it took me over the edge. I kept saying in my head.. “Is this permanent?? Why me??” Because it just felt like there was always something. I gave it some time late that night having a little self talk.. “Relax Vic, you’ll be fine. See how you are tomorrow.” I wake up, rubbed my fingers together.... nothing. Tried brushing my teeth, I couldn’t. At this point the other side, the negative side, the voice (by voice to be transparent. I don’t literally mean a actual voice. What I mean by “voice” is the voice we call our thoughts).. started to become the one that had more influence to me. “This isn’t going to get better.. this is happening... and now this happening.” (I’m going to cut this short because I do plan on writing a book about my life).

So because I am going to write a book. I would like to say that I don’t know your story. I don’t know your circumstances. I don’t know you or what you’re going through. BUT I do know that if you don’t lose Hope and you put your Trust into the universe, while taking appropriate actions forward. Amazing things will happen.. don’t lose Faith.

“We often don’t know how blessed we truly are until it almost or does get taken from us.”

Much love,


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