LAS VEGAS | Drinks & Cigars

YouTube video of me in Las Vegas | Drinks & Cigars 

This was my very first time going to Las Vegas and staying at the Cesar Palace. Beautiful hotel!

Shoutout to our bartender inside the ferris wheel YOUR ENERGY was fkning amazing brother!!

Shoutout to our Chef at Gorden Ramsey Steak for cutting up my Rib Eye for me and also for all of our delicious meals, drinks, and amazing service Garden Ramsey Steak's team had provided. You all were awesome!

Funny story gambling on a slot machine.. I was at a casino (don’t ask which one because we went all over, haha) and I may have had a buzz from having a couple shots and drinks! I had stuck a $100 bill inside a slot machine and pressed MAX BET! I didn’t win anything so I pressed the button again, but this time the slot machine didn’t spin. ME in my head (wtf… *thinking) It turned out that I was in the high roller area betting $100 MAX BET!! I was pretty buzzed lmao I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself.

Funny story gambling on roulette.. I started driving around and something within just kept telling me “Play roulette and bet on black” so I take a couple shots of Patron first and I then found myself this room… a private room with no one in it, so I decided to roll my a** in there! I only had $150 so as I go to the roulette table I asked the dealer “Hi, what is your name?..” He replied “Adrian..” Then I had asked “How’s it going Adrien?.. If I play would you be able to help assist me with the chips?” Adrian replied “Of course!” I give him $150 and ask for green chips (which are $25 a piece). I ask “What is your guys minimum bet?” Adrian says “$100” I said to myself “F*** it!” “$100 on black!” I said. I WON! Now I got $200. Me “ALL IN” (So now it’s $250 on the table betting on black) *I WIN AGAIN! I tip him a green chip.. To cut it short I cashed out at $700 tipping him $150 all together. So shoutout to my dealer Adrian for helping me out with my chips! You were awesome.

This was by far one of the greatest trips I have ever been on!! Shoutout to my family for everything! They made it all possible and amazing.

YouTube video of me in Las Vegas | Drinks & Cigars 

TODAY’S QUOTE: “Live. Love. Laugh.” ~Victortheinspiration

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