We Have Two Choices

Since 2024 began I haven’t been much in the mood to create content for my personal YouTube channel “Victortheinspiration.” My creativity hasn’t really been there, my motivation isn’t 100%, my inspiration needs some inspiration, and my passion seems to fade.

This is part of the journey though. Not everyday you are going to feel creative. Not everyday you are going to feel 100% motivated. Not everyday you are going to feel inspired. And not everyday you are going to feel passionate, especially while you’re in the beginning stages of working on building your foundation.

Just because you are not feeling creative-doesn’t mean you should hit the brakes.

Just because you are not feeling motivated-doesn’t mean you can’t still commit to your goals.

Just because you are not feeling inspired-doesn’t mean you can’t seek inspiration or find ways to make you feeling inspired again.

Just because you are not feeling too passionate anymore-doesn’t mean you are not on the right track for your own life.

Within this lifetime we have two choices: That is 1. Continue on the course we are currently on or 2. Change direction in hopes it will lead us to something better than where we are. Everyday we have these two choices and where we end up tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, even within the next decade is all predetermined by our choices of actions today.

Back to mentioning me making content even when lately I haven’t been my 100% best. Is at the end of the day I want you to know that not everyday you will wake up feeling 100%, but it isn’t whether or not you are operating at your 100% it is what you do on those days that will determine how far you go. It is okay to not feel your 100% best all of the time that isn’t possible, however when you have a goal and you have certain commitments-you must choose to show up regardless of how you feel. If you can do it, then do it. If you can’t, then that is understandable, but don’t give up when you have worked so hard just to get right where you are. You have endured a lot, persevered through far more you thought you could, and God has helped you along the way. 

From me to you: Get focused.

Much love,


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