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I was on a great podcast earlier (more about it within these next upcoming weeks) and it had me reflect on a few things.

Something I talked about within the podcast is how behind the smile, the laughter, the optimism, is someone just like you - someone trying to hold themselves together.

One thing I learned is that most people break during rocky and turbulent times. Most people break when things don’t go as planned. Most people break when times get tough… they quit… they give up… they throw in the towel. Desperation swallows you whole leaving the lightened days a thing in the past. I know because I was “most people”. I know the mindset you have when your whole world is falling apart. I know the thoughts that take hold in moments of despair. I know the difficulty of what it genuinely takes to push through. When I say I understand the process - I genuinely understand.

Reflecting not only from just these past four years of my life, but when I reflect off of my journey it truly is remarkable.

Diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old with SMA..

Never knowing what it is like to walk or run..

Going to school where you were the only one in a wheelchair trying your best to fit in..

Going through the transition of having the strength to push myself in a manual wheelchair one day to then needing a powerized wheelchair the next..

Transferring schools outside of my school district to a school where other students also had disabilities, so I could be around others in wheelchairs.. 

Having developed severe sclerosis crushing my organs becoming a health concern..

Needing and having a spinal fusion at age 11 being in the operating room for 14 hours..

Needing and having a spinal debridement shorty after that major surgery for having a severe infection, which then caused me to go in and out of the operating room Monday through Friday being hospitalized for 2 1/2 months..

Missing a once in a lifetime moment not being able to see my brother graduate high school because I was in the hospital..

Being on home studies for my fifth and sixth grade year because of my dozens of back surgeries..

Attending junior high school having my nerves everywhere because I didn’t know a single soul..

Managing to flip my wheelchair falling in asphalt during school lunch going back on home studies for a few more months..

Nearly missing 50% of my entire high school experience because I would have pneumonia and collapsed lungs..

Having years planned to graduate with my twin little sister almost not being able to attend due to me having pneumonia and collapsed lungs being in the ICU..

Dropping out of college having my respiratory being one of the primary causes..

Entering entrepreneurship while having the challenges of living with a progressive disability..

Starting many businesses and failing over and over..

Having a medical procedure go wrong having nerve damage where I lost feeling to my entire right hand for several weeks..

Was put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold for being delusional, aggressive with my behavior, saying ugly things, attempting to drive through my sliding glass door..

Growing older and seeing the negative effects of my disability seeing how it also impacts my mom, my siblings, family, and those around me..

As you can imagine my life has been quite the journey for me and this doesn’t come close to even being considered a glimpse of it all.

“Just because someone carries it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.” ~Unknown

The big question is: Why am I sharing this with you? I am sharing this with the intent to show you what is possible. You and me I feel are not that different. You and me we both have something in common. From everything you just read what is it that you and I both can relate to? We both have a story. We both have gone through some form of adversity… who doesn’t.

The point is that in knowing you and I are not that far different from each other we can learn from our past, learn from our story, but not only learn from the good, the bad, and the ugly, but to become stronger because of it.

How can you utilize your story to your own advantage? Your pain teaches you how to be strong. Your adversity teaches you how to build your character. Your moments in despair teaches you how to stay grounded in faith. I believe we all have a story and because we have this story - it is uniquely yours and yours alone. How can you become the victor within your own story? Here is a hint: Grow through what you go through. 

Much love,


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