I ACHIEVED 400,000 Views

“My dream is to improve the quality of life not only for myself, but for others as well.” ~Victor

Today (well technically yesterday because it is passed midnight) I had reached a new milestone of having almost half a million views on one of my YouTube channels. Today on 4/27/2024 I had reached 400,000 views lifetime!!! To put this in perspective is I once had nothing (meaning 0) to now having 400,000 views! Now, this is only one of my several YouTube channels, which is even more exciting as you can imagine. I definitely have well over 1,500 pieces of content just on this YouTube channel alone and within time I stayed consistent even when I saw very little to no views for months at a time. I started this YouTube channel for fun! Something I genuinely love is philosophy and sharing wisdom/ life’s teachings to people. That is what this YouTube channel is about. It is about sharing wisdom and alternative perspectives to help people learn from others and thrive.

I really don’t think about what I do or how much time I am working on any of my projects-I simply just do it and get the task in front of me done. Earlier today I decided to take a down day meaning do very little to nothing with everything that I am working on. I have been putting too much strain on my back and causing my arms and neck support to fatigue a little more than usual due to me not resting my neck on my headrest and or recline my wheelchair back to relieve pressure much. Back to what I was mentioning earlier is I don’t really think about the clock whenever I am working on “X” meaning any of my projects. I simply just do and during this process no clock exists other then make sure I drink water and make sure a few other important things too have my attention not being neglected. Such as making sure I don’t go too much time leaving my little twin sister on unread or if someone whom I am close to needs more of my attention then I of course am mindful of where my attention is going because yes, your dream is important, but so are the relationships in life too. Finding this balance is and always will be a work in progress, however you must always strive to keep your personal and professional life balanced “for one means nothing without the other.” Earlier today I was meditating on some thoughts of mine and I realized I am creating and uploading over 500 pieces of content every single month across all of my YouTube channels, which is insane when you really think about it! It’s ridiculous, but in a good way! One day I was brainstorming on where a lot of my time is being spent and I had asked myself “can you 10x your content daily?” After some very important questions I went back and forth with myself I had decided “yes, just do it! 10X efforts means 10X results.” And as you can imagine I did start seeing 10X results across my YouTube channels.

Let’s break it down a little.

Can I upload 10x more daily? Yes, then do it.

But at what costs is the big question? Because everything comes at a cost. The cost is it would take way more of my time and it would definitely affect me physically due to my disability having SMA and severe sclerosis that definitely too plays a significant role. Although a lot of the cards were not in my favor I still said “DO IT!” 

I personally am one where if I really want something I will find a way to have it. Starting YouTube has been quite the journey for me and as I continue to grow both personally and professionally I hope to inspire you through my art of progress in hopes one day you not only achieve the impossible or unimaginable, but I hope that you one day pay it forward helping someone else. “Change can only happen when you help yourself because only then when you help yourself you create the opportunity to help someone else and that is how we create change.” ~Victortheinspiration

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