Everything Will Become a Memory

I had wrote briefly about putting a halt on posting my content on social media within an earlier blog post of mine.

I personally have stopped posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Threads), however I do and am remaining consistent posting across all of my YouTube channels.

Personally and professionally it was something I needed to do for both myself and for those around me.

Personally: Since my grandmother’s passing it hasn’t been the easiest. I am quiet, keeps to himself, and candidly radiates light saying “I’m okay.” And I am don’t get me wrong. But it isn’t the easiest. She wasn’t just my grandmother she was literally my second mother. She lived with us my entire life. My dad wasn’t in the picture, my mom worked, and my grandma helped take care of us as if we were her own. She was like this with many. I personally do find solace in knowing she is home. Through prayer we remain connected and through my acts of living I know her love will be a reflection of her through me.

Professionally: There are many things I am working on both in front and behind the scenes. I had made the decision to pause posting on social media to 1. Allow family & friends to see grandma within my page and 2. When I personally reflect back within this moment of my life I know everything will be together. Posting on social media isn’t that difficult, especially since I already have a large majority of everything archived. However, back to how I mentioned I did pause from posting on social media there are still other things I am committed to behind the scenes. These commitments require me to operate at my 100% regardless of what the day brings.

During this process I am working on my mental health as well. Seeing it as an opportunity if you will. Mental health is an everyday thing that needs to be checked having you aware of it at all times or as much as possible. How are you doing? How are you feeling? Why are you doing X? Why are you feeling X? Within our everyday life we need to become aware of our emotions otherwise our emotions will take control. Every single thing you do you should work on improving something whether that is mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or even financially. In being in a constant mental state of “what needs improving”, especially when you react towards something or someone, you allow yourself the opportunity to ease your stresses and anxieties simply because whether you are conscious of it or not. You know you are not where you once were… and that within itself can be liberating.

Currently at the time of me writing this I have been off and on with my respiratory. Nothing I personally am not unfamiliar with. There has been a lot of sleepless nights and sleepless mornings to the point it started to affect my overall health because I have been on the go nonstop taking care of things both personally helping as much as I can with everything for the services, and also professionally, so I have very little to no responsibilities during the time of my grandmother’s upcoming funeral services. This here will allow me to be present with family, friends, and loved ones. These past two weeks hasn’t only affected my respiratory, but having SMA too doesn’t help. Being and feeling fatigued is my normal and today I was feeling so much under the weather I haven’t felt the way I had in so long. I was feeling so fatigued earlier today to the point where when I was eating I kept spilling food all over my shirt. My arms heavy, my neck support weak, my jaw muscles to chew were exhausted. To the point mom had to feed me. This was something I haven’t experienced in a very long time.

I personally don’t mind anything, especially when I know I can help in any way for both my mother and my Tia’s (my aunts) doing anything and everything I can with their mom’s funeral services. I may have some sleepless nights and mornings, but they do too. And for that I will do whatever it takes to do my part giving them the opportunity to have a beautiful last memory seeing their mom.

The point of this is: 1. These are some personal thoughts of mine I thought to share with you, and 2. There is something that can be of benefit for you..

From me to you: I don’t know what you going through, but please take a moment to pause everything you are doing and ask yourself “what can I do to help?” Aim to help your people whenever possible. Aim to take care of the woman in your lives bringing them peace not stress. Aim to go the extra mile when necessary giving them the opportunity to smile, feel and be loved, and become someone who makes them feel seen and heard. This my friend is how you create the opportunity to earn more meaningful relationships within your life. Love while you can, give your time generously, and most importantly pray for the strength, patience, wisdom, and ability to endure forward.

Much love,


Enjoy this screenshot of mine and my twin’s conversation. Allow me to share a secret with you… do you really want to know it? Hmm… it is quite powerful maybe I should hold off. Okay, fine you win: In order to keep the light on within - have humor for humor not only elevates the frequency in the room, but you never know just how much someone may need to have a good laugh. Don’t be outrageously foolish, but be intentional with how you communicate.

*My pulmonologist isn’t available this week nor my primary doctor., but I do have a phone appointment with another pulmonologist later today. I am hoping within our conversation I am able to receive a steroid shot to help open my lungs leading to an in person visit. I am taking antibiotics, steroids, and treatments (my normalcy for when I feel and get like this), but under the circumstances of grandma’s passing I am really hoping I can get a steroid shot/ something stronger that will help with my respiratory before the services. Is it possible? Anything’s possible. In the end I will be okay. And the reason why my twin sent me this text saying “don’t be stubborn” is because there was a moment in time where I needed hospital care and I waited to the last possible second where I collapsed here at the house.. no bueno. Since that experience I don’t personally wait that long or allow it to get to that extent. On the bright side: I did cough up a lot of phlegm, which is a great thing! 

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