Life is a book

“You are writing a story with your life..”

We are all writing a story as we experience and go through life. We have great chapters and we also have troubled heartache chapters. My current life chapter I’m not sure what exactly I’d name this chapter that I am currently writing and going through.. Best way I can describe my current chapter is I am at sea having big waves rock my boat almost tipping me over making me almost drown. Then these waves calm and become steady.. then here comes another big one again..

“See, in life I like to find the humor/ positive in just about every situation. Oftentimes we have to choose to laugh at what it is that’s happening to us, and or when to know the difference when you have to take things serious and find yourself a positive outcome. ‘Don’t let your emotions control your outcome.”

No matter what chapter you are currently on in your life, understand and know that “when things are good don’t forget about upcoming bad times. And when times are bad don’t forget that upcoming good times lie ahead.”


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