Dug myself in a deep hole

“Climbing out of the whole I dug was the hard part.”

In life we’re given a shovel when walking on gods soil. When we make mistakes, bad choices, and or wrong decisions we’re digging ourselves into a whole. The hard part and life’s challenging tests is knowing and coming to the realization that the whole we’re in is being dug deeper and deeper by our own life actions. STOP and learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them over and over again.. see, back in January 2020 I was making so many mistakes by my choice of actions hurting those I loved and those who cared for me with words that I dug myself in such a whole that I had dug myself so deep I had hit stone! Climbing myself out of the whole I had dug myself into was the MOST challenging thing I had to face myself, because I was so lost and confused I had shut everyone out around me where I had ignored who’s around me making myself feel and be alone.

“Learn from your mistakes”

“Be better than who you were yesterday”

“Be proud to see how far you’ve come”

“Live & learn”

“Stop digging & start walking”


My YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/_mrqbn1UXnk

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