What Would I Do IF I Had Won the Lottery?

I thought this would be a cool post to publicly share because just about everyone right now has thought about what they would do with a billion dollars if they had won! 

The current mega millions lottery winner had recently won $1.28 nearly $1.3 BILLION dollars. That’s quite a bit of paper. 

What would I do if I had won $1.3 billion dollars? After taxes your take home is roughly $700 million. In other words that’s $700,000,000 free play money you can do just about anything you’d like with it. $700 million… imagine that! 

I would give $100,000,000 to 100 family members, which would be $1,000,000 to each person. I know $1,000,000 isn’t a whole lot, but it could and would relieve a lot of financial stress off their shoulders. I would then set up those 100 family members with investment accounts giving them another $1,000,000, which would be $200,000,000 total and $2,000,000 to each family member. I would give them $1,000,000 to again relieve financial stress and I would also invest $1,000,000 where they could live off of the dividends to keep them living comfortably. That’s already $200,000,000 spent leaving $500,000,000 out of that original $700,000,000. 

I would use another $100,000,000 buying my family/ loved ones a new home, car, paying off debt they may owe etc. That way that original $1,000,000 is their free play giving them the option to do just about anything with it. $300,000,000 total already spent. 

I would then use another $100,000,000 giving it away to more loved ones because my family is so big! I know some would start their own business/ company which would be really cool to be a part of. $400,000,000 total spent. That leaves $300,000,000 left..

I would use another $100,000,000 to help. I would use 25% of that $100,000,000 to change transforming lives, I would use another 25% to help find a cure for my disability SMA/ Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I would use another 25% to help find a cure for Cancer, and I would use 12.5% donating to Make-A-Wish Foundation, and I would use the other 12.5% donating to the greatest hospital in the world aka my second home Valley Children’s Hospital. This now would leave me with $200,000,000 leftover from that original $700 million.

My momma bear, grandmother, siblings, and Tia’s would be top priority being very well taken care of. I will keep what I would do for them to myself for simply no words really can be said. They deserve so much more than just money.. 

I would use $100,000,000 for strictly investments! I would invest $10,000,000 into bitcoin, $10,000,000 into ethereum, $10,000,000 into Cardone Capital, $10,000,000 into Tesla, and a whole lot of real estate and many other stocks! I would love my own Gulfstream, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my wheelchair being damaged during flights, but I would buy these toys with the passive cashflow that would eventually come. That way I can also pay for the expenses of having such luxuries haha. 

I am getting tired of typing, so I’ll cut it short. I also typed the actual number because to me it looks cooler! A lot more work typing more I know, but I didn’t think that one through when I started typing. 

The remaining $100,000,000 I would use to make sure I personally am very well taken care of having a good team for my caregiving (and their benefits).  I would definitely travel with loved ones, probably would go on a vacation for an entire year not having to worry about anything other than my physical health, and see what other opportunities present itself. I would invest a lot to keep that money growing and secure mine and my families futures financially, and I would definitely have some fun with it traveling and would grow my personal brand, create companies and other businesses, and many other things that go on within one’s imagination. 

I know I would do so much more with $700,000,000 and I know those original $100,000,000 (thoughts) would and could go a far way than I can possibly imagine and could think right now, but I thought this would be a cool post to share with you and even reflect back on later. So I wanted to write this. :)

Now let me ask you, what would you do with $1.300,000,000? You can DM on instagram or comment on one of my YouTube videos @Victortheinspiration! 

I’ll end it with a quote: “When you learn, teach, when you get, give." ~Maya Angelou

Much love,